Video Conferences

Online students participate in weekly video conferences, in which they interact with faculty and other students. During these video conferences students, present and discuss cases they have been assigned (one per week) with our faculty in a clinical video rounds session. These cases are drawn from patients seen at the USC Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine Center, and they typically have an orofacial pain, oral mucosal, temporomandibular disorder, sleep disorder or other oral tissue, osseous or sensory abnormality.

The cases have the subjective and objective portion of the chart filled in (in a de-identified fashion) using a SOAP format. The information provided may  include:

  1. Medical interview data
  2. Medical questionnaire/ROS questionnaire data
  3. A short video of the patient’s chief complaint and other pertinent physical findings
  4. All physical examination findings

The online students are responsible for completing the remainder of the SOAP note, which includes tentative (A) assessment (including ICD codes) with a justification for each choice, and the (P) plan for treatment or further diagnosis, including any and all diagnostic tests desired and at least one optional approach if the initial treatment does not yield improvement.

These data must be posted to our server no less than 12 hrs before the clinical rounds discussion session with the faculty in the prescribed format. Based on these case discussions and how the student answers questions posed by the faculty, the online student is given at least one weekly learning need assignment to be delivered by the following week along with their next case. Following their presentations, students take questions and defend their ideas.

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