Financial Aid

Domestic Students who take 4 or more units a semester qualify for unsubsidized loans through the government. The current available amount each year for a graduate student to borrow is $20,500. If a student needs more than the allotted amount, he/she can also apply for the Direct Graduate Plus Loan. The Direct Graduate Plus Loan is a credit based loan and requires additional applications. This application can be completed ONLY after completing the application for the unsubsidized loans.

IMPORTANT NOTE: depending on the particular program, if scheduled for less than 4 units in a given semester, students are required to take additional courses in order to qualify for financial aid or to find alternative sources of funding.

Tuition information for students is available at

To apply for government financial aid you must first visit and fill out the necessary paperwork.

  • USC’s school code is 001328

Once you complete the FAFSA application, please visit USC Fast through your youSC portal. Within the portal, you will be required to complete the following documents:

  • Direct Unsubsidized Loan Request Form
  • Master Promissory Note
  • Entrance Loan Counseling
    • Students are only required to fill out the Master Promissory Note and the Entrance Loan Counseling requirement during the first year of borrowing.

Students have up to 120 days to reduce and/or cancel loans they have received from the federal government.

For more information on financial aid, please reach out to the USC Financial Aid Office or by calling 213.740.4444.

USC also offers additional resources for graduates at iGRAD. This website offers search engines for scholarships, grants and jobs, as well as other useful information.

International students who are not U.S. citizens, or eligible non-citizens, may yet be eligible for private educational loans. In order for an international student to participate in a private educational loan, the student will be required to submit an application with a qualified U.S. citizen or permanent resident co-borrower. Please contact the lender for additional details. Private educational loans are unsecured educational loans made by private financial institutions such as banks or credit unions. These loans must be repaid with interest. The interest rate, and loan fees are based on the creditworthiness of the borrower and U.S. citizen or permanent resident co-borrower. Interest rates are variable throughout the life of the loan. Interest accrues while in school which is then capitalized as specified by the lender. Repayment and deferment options vary from lender to lender. Please contact the lender for additional details.

Private Educational Lenders

Students may borrow from any lender. USC has analyzed all known lender programs of this type offered to USC students. The terms of the analysis include, but were not limited to, interest rates, fees, repayment durations, and other repayment options. The lender program rankings that resulted from our analysis were reviewed by an independent accounting firm. The top lender programs for private loans, based on the analysis described above, are shown on the page in alphabetical order. Bear in mind that USC does not endorse or recommend specific lenders.


Financing Option Lender Telephone
Citibank CitiAssist Loan Citibank ( 800-745-5473
Sallie Mae Signature Loan Sallie Mae ( 800-695-3317
USC Credit Union Collegiate Choice Loan USC Credit Union ( 877-670-5860
Wells Fargo Collegiate Loan Wells Fargo ( 800-378-5526

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