Student Testimonials

“The more I cared for older patients the more I realized that I really didn’t know as much as I needed to and that I needed to learn more and seek out more training in Geriatric Dentistry.”
“This has changed my life tremendously because now I understand how to diagnose, I can give an indication to the proper treatment, and I can also do the therapy.”
“This program helped me to expand my horizons. I learned to approach each patient differently. To listen to not just their dental issues but to their overall issues as well.”
“I would recommend this program to anybody who has any number patients who are 65 and over. I did not just gain professionally but I gained discipline in my personal life as well.”
“ I learned so much. It’s not only changed my life, but every single patient. ”
“ It’s changed my life because I am now looking at pain and patients in a whole new light. ”
“ All the cases that we discussed over the past three years – that was the heart and soul of this program for me. ”
“ It has made me a way better clinician…the way I look at patients, and the way I treat patients. ”

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