American Dental Education Association PASS Application

To help you with ADEA PASS application, we have built an easy-to-follow flowchart with working links, that will allow you to judge how far you’ve gotten, how far you have yet to go, and what other steps you will need to finish before your application is completed.

admissions office1. Start PASS application

Begin by visiting the ADEA-PASS website: and search our Online Master of Science in OFPOM program (Designation-OM86). You can search by name, type, or state.


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apply now to OFPOM program2. Create profile

Create your profile on the PASS system. You will need to enter your background information, including personal data and dental PIN number.

If you have problems getting your DentPin number, please refer to the detailed instructions on the ADA website: – or if you need to retrieve your DentPin number.

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files-long3. Upload transcripts

Gather your Official Dental School and Under Graduate transcripts and upload them to your profile. Any other Post Doctorate work can also be uploaded here.

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copy-machine-hands4. Copy your dental license

Make a copy of your dental license.  We suggest you scan it in, save it as a PDF, in at least 200 dpi resolution, and then upload to the PASS system.


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thumbs-up5. Letters of evaluation

The Personal Potential Index (PPIs) can be electronically submitted (click on the link for an explanation of the ADEA site). These are letters of evaluation. Don’t worry these letters are just to gauge knowledge, teamwork, ethics, etc. You can also submit Professional Evaluation Forms (PEFs) if you would like (again, click on the link to see a description of a PEF). This functions as a more traditional letter of recommendation.

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writing recommendation6. Write an essay

You are almost done! All that is left to do is to write an essay portion that explains why you want to attend this program, what you hope to accomplish, and how you think the skills you learn here are going to fit into your practice.

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7. Passport photo

A Passport-style photo is a photo of your face from about the collarbone up. The background must be plain (or white), you should be looking directly at the camera (no sidelong glances), and the final size of the photo you send should be 2 inches x 2 inches (or about 5.1 cm x 5.1 cm).

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8. Send it in!

Once everything is uploaded, click on the Submit button and you’re done!


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